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I want to take my blog a little more seriously and be more devoted… but where do I start? Consistency? Patience? Quality? Probably all of those. I am not a good writer, and I never enjoyed writing as much as I enjoy reading. Reading great posts from well established blogs always inspire me in many ways. The way they capture the emotion in their pictures and bring them in articulative words… Sigh. Why don’t I have that skill? :)

Anyways, I wanted to share some photos from one of the most beautiful blogs I was featured in. I was beyond happy, of course. It’s a great feeling when you’re shop is being featured and getting some attention, I admit. It feels like my hard work is finally getting paid in a way. :)

The first and second are from a blog from by Courtney and Aleza.   Courtney recently purchased one my jewelry,the Gold Bow Necklace. She was so kind to feature the necklace in her blog and complement it sweetly. These amazing photos are taken by Courtney, herself.

The next is a vintage inspired wedding blog These photos are taken by an amazing photographer Deidre Lynn.

The bride had purchased my “Love Knot” necklaces for her eight bridesmaids. I also made a layered bride’s necklace as well, with the “Hammered Gold Necklace” and a “Lemon Quartz Gemstone Necklace” which she layered with her own pearl necklace (so she layered 3 necklaces). It’s hard to see the necklaces in these pictures, so I am adding the picture from my shop as a reference.


So there it is! Thank you all for taking your time to include me in your blogs. Wish you much success in what you do!


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