luxury camping

Summer! Oh, how I longed to camp with you! I am blessed to live in a state, California, where the most amazing camping spots are only about 2-4 hours away. My all time favorite, of course, is the Big Sur. Driving up on the beautiful Pacific Coast Highway with the windows rolled down, my hair flying everywhere as the fresh air takes it, and remembering all the good things from the past. I am content.

I was looking around, and found this cool camping service, called ShterCo.. ShelterCo provides fully furnished European style tents and amenities right on the camp site! I know many of us prefer the rustic and traditional camping, but I believe embracing something out of the tradition is incredibly brilliant… especially with this luxury shelter on your favorite camp site!

Looks speechlessly cozy, doesn’t it?

Such a sweet set up…

Your neighbor’s tents… would be super if your friends and family stayed next tent.



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